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Health and fitness is a lifetime commitment and since one's life changes periodically, any regimen must adapt to changing life circumstances.

Our approach to your fitness is based on making lifestyle adjustments to both your activity level and your nutrition according to your current fitness status and life situation. We help you do so by creating a personalized program and employing modern technology to help you track and visualize your progress on a daily basis.

This means, after a very short while, you get to see what works for you and therefore stop wasting time and/or money on what does not.

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*All online accounts are OPTIONAL. They are available through a BodymediaFit subscription and require a Bodymedia Armband

I grew up being one of those kids that didn't have to worry about what I ate, never had to exercise, and was never overweight. Now that I'm in my 50's I need to watch what I eat, exercise and try to lose weight. Sydni has worked with me in such an amazing way. Her excitement passion as a personal trainer has encouraged me and given me the desire to achieve the goals we have set. Her training is professional, personal, and encouraging. She has help me reach goals including running my first 5K run after 2 months of training. I highly recommend Sydni as a personal trainer.
Andrea Lanthier
St. George, UT

After finishing 6 months of chemotherapy, my body was in bad shape. Not only had I lost 30 pounds, my muscle tone was shot and I was extremely weak. In less than 3 months through her expert training, my body and muscle tone, as well as strength and stamina was almost back to normal. Sydni continues today to help me become stronger which is important as I get older. Sydni is reliable and extremely knowledgeable about not only fitness but nutrition as well. By far, the best decision I ever made was engaging Sydni as a personal trainer.

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Glenda Liebling
St. George, UT

I have been working with Sydni for the last 3 months and have seen amazing results... Sydni is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She makes each workout a challenge but in a creative and fun way. She motivates me to pust past my perceived limits to get results. She also places high value on correct form and proper posture with each exercise. I feel stronger and my flexibility has improved.
Mary in Utah
St. George, UT